either / or

Either/Or Productions, based in Athens, Greece, has been founded by producer Fani Skartouli and director Konstantinos Antonopoulos, after they collaborated in the short film Postcards from the End of the World.

Fani Skartouli studied law and has worked with prominent law firms in Brussels, Paris and Athens. She has substantial experience in the financing and servicing of international productions filmed in Greece, including Beckett (Locarno 2021), The Lost Daughter (Venice FF 2021), Rise (2022). She is a Sarajevo & Berlinale Talents alum, a Rotterdam Lab fellow and an EAVE Producers Workshop graduate.

Konstantinos Antonopoulos has studied film at Columbia University in New York, USA. His short Postcards From The End Of The World (2019) was selected in more than 80 festivals around the world and received many awards, including the Audience Award at Kurzfilmtage Winterthur and the Best Comedy Award at Aspen Shortsfest. He is an Oxbelly, LiM, TFL Extended and Berlinale Talents alum.

Either/Or Productions is a creative platform that produces and line-produces short films, features, visual art installations and performances.  It values local and international collaborations with artists who wish to explore original forms of storytelling.

Fani Skartouli | fani@eitherorproductions.com

Konstantinos Antonopoulos | konstantinos@eitherorproductions.com