either / or


fiction short | 14 min.

While proudly filming her 2-year-old daughter’s survival swimming graduation exam in her backyard pool, Maria runs into technical difficulties. You can never be too safe. Especially when it comes to your own backyard. Mom’s movie is one woman’s grotesquely comic quest to make her creations, immortal. Well, at least one of them. Sort of.

cast: Maria Filini, Sofia Koroni, introducing Ayla Izzo | writers: Stella Kyriakopoulos, Marissa Triantafyllidou | cinematographer: Theodoros Michopoulos | art director : Michalis Samiotis | costumes : Alkisti Mamali | sound : Aris Athanasopoulos, Alejandra Molina Rios | editor : Pascal Troemel
Festival selections

Locarno Film Festival 2019, Pardi di domani: Concorso internazionale

Leeds Film Festival 2019

Gijón International Film Festival 2019

Bogoshorts Festival (Bogota, Colombia) 2019